The Ferguson Firm is a personal service law firm that provides highly skilled and personalized legal services tailored to meet your goals. We are a litigation law firm that focuses on taking cases through trial. We have no limits to services provided as it pertains to your particular issue.

We pay close attention to the needs of our clients and take the time to fully explore and discuss all available options. Our action plans are focused and results-driven. We are eager to apply our experience, skills, knowledge and abilities to any legal matters that are presently before you.

Our practice is focused on the following areas

Personal Injury

The personal injury lawyers from The Ferguson Firm bring a broad range of experience ranging from common slip and fall claims to on the job injuries to car accidents cases.

We work with passion to protect our clients’ rights and financial future – ensuring that when an injury is sustained due to someone else’s negligence, they’re not the ones left paying the large medical bills or other injury related expenses.


Real Estate Attorney

For sellers we handle all the required paperwork to aid in the sale and closing on your property. We can prepare as well as review the Purchase And Sale agreement and review all closing documents, as well as accompany you to the closing.

For buyers we review the Purchase And Sale agreement, making sure there are no surprises at the closing. We will also handle the title search, answer any questions for you and coordinate with all parties involved (the realtors and lenders) to make sure the closing runs efficiently.

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From Our Clients

The Ferguson Firm is one of the finest law firms in Florida. This law firm combines great legal skill and tremendous compassion for those who are victims of personal injury, catastrophic injuries and deaths.They are not intimidated by the size of the corporation they are suing, or the size of the law firm that is defending the case. Integrity and dedication are the two words that best describe The Ferguson Firm.

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